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How It Works

Game Play

We invite players to participate in the state association's seasonal play (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall), which will have a variety of activities in several unique game titles per season. Some options are competitive for players driven to win, while other activities are more socially focused for kids looking to have fun and make friends.

Within the Video Gaming Club, players can interact safely with other age-verified players to have fun and play the games their way!

Game Play Types

  • Weekly Leagues
    Players can participate in Weeklies (leagues) that will revolve around 5 weeks of Regular Season play. Players play 2 matches per week, (approximately 1 hour total of play) for a total of 10 games against opposing players. Promotion/relegation mini-cycles help in pairing players based on skill levels.
  • Competitive Ladders
    Ladders are geared towards players who want to play with an opponent at their own pace and challenges them to a match in order to move up the ranks in the ladder.
  • Tournaments
    Tournaments, on the other hand, will revolve around a 1-3 day event for players to compete in various formats depending on the game title (i.e. group staging, single/double elimination, etc). Ladders and leagues often lead to tournaments to determine overall winners.
  • Social Play
    Social play will also be offered for video gaming club members. Players within the club can engage with one another for matches outside the scheduled events. This type of play is encouraged to give them age-appropriate friends to play with.
  • Direct Challenges
    Players can participate in 1v1 or Co-Ops issued by Gamer Guides and players. These challenges are a great ice break which allows players to get to know each other better.

Players will be required to own a copy of the video game featured in the events (weeklies, tournaments, ladders, or social) they wish to join, as well as a compatible device to play the game. Players must have an online subscription to their video gaming device to allow for online play. Each video game will have different software and hardware requirements, so please check the details on your specific video gaming event page.

Who Can Participate?

Participants are assigned to different divisions according to their age groups and console type (Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo Switch). Future titles that are crossplay compatible, such as Rocket League, will only be divided by age groups since all console types can play together, including PC. For Game Play Types, children will be placed into divisions based on an age group as well as console type:

  • 12 and under
  • 13-17 years old

Score Reporting

Both players have the responsibility to report the final score by using a computer or through their mobile devices to take a picture of the match results and uploading it on the portal.

Player-to-Player Communication 

Players will be able to communicate with one another via a computer or a secure app to reschedule games in case of emergencies or unexpected family commitments. All player and event communications are monitored by the esports commissioner and administration to ensure appropriate conduct and safety.

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